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theseus and the minotaur

theseus was a boy that lived with his mother in a small town in egypt before christ.One day her mother gave him a sword of a king.She explain him that he have two fathers and he never know any one.she … Continue reading

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Amazon Rally

Brian and David were running a career across de Amazon jungle, in Brazil.  After some days they were lost, suddenly a group of Indians appeared. They were very angry, but David and Brian didn´t understand them. They went to the … Continue reading

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Luchi’s lending library

In Mel’s room Kenny found the box with the stolen money. And he stopped her but he couldn’t, she got on her motorcycle and went fast. Kenny nocked Ned’s door asking for help. So Ned got on his motorcycle and … Continue reading

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Island for sale

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The Lost Wallet

Once upon  a time there was 2 friends that they like to ride in skateboard and one day their teacher lost his wallet there are lot of money. Eric wanted to steal that money and Jhon said no. Jhon wanted … Continue reading

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Sinbad by Emilia Janeiro

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The Secret Tunnel

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Lending Library The selfish giant

Made with Storyboard That

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Lending libary the newspaper boy

Toby VS Selfish Giant I prefer the selfish giant because the story is not fun if its not selfish giant its not there . But toby its bored and the story its going to be the same with or without … Continue reading

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Oliver Twist-Eugenia Yezze N7

OLIVER TWIST PROJECT N7   oliver twist was now at mrs.maylie’s house with rose he wanted to inquire about his family wanted to see who his parents were then called mr.brownlow (who had been with him for a while) then … Continue reading

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