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Sinbad by Emilia Janeiro

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Los Ángeles by Jaime,Emilia,Nico,Cande

This is a broshure about los Ángeles by Jaime,Candelaria,Emilia and Nicolas.

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Emi´s Lending Library

My vocaroo

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The lost wallet

Mr. Harris said “The police is not going to come but you two have to work to save the money to pay me” Then came Jhon’s dad and Eric’s mom and dad and said that they can work washing the … Continue reading

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My oral presentation

This is my oral presentation on Pompeii. Pompeii from marudiaz77

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oliver twist

this is my lending  library book.

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My winter holidays

The first day Euge invited me to the theater. On Wednsday I went to “Concordia” with my cousins , aunts and uncles and my parents and my sister. On Thursday I went with my grandparents and my sister to “El … Continue reading

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Emi’s Special Day

Emi talked about her different vacations last year. She spent them with many friends. After that, she did a guessing game and gave a prize to Juani and Simón! It was fantastic!

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I’m Emi. My favourite colour is purple.  

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Emi’s show and tell

Today it was my show & tell. My show and tell was about my favourite doll, Juliet. She likes bananas and she has got a lot of clothes. She has got a pet, too. It is a dog called Boy. … Continue reading

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