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Dubai by Ine, Euge, Gabo and Edu

This is our special project about Dubai. We hope you like it!

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they think watson or francis prosper are the thieves so they arrest them both and interrogate them for clues. and then they found another possible thief his name is jeff.they keep trying to find the pieces. finally they find them … Continue reading

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Oliver twist

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may 9th

we had a quiz of verbs of simple past. We did a fotocopy abowt condillonal.Then we went to the break.Then mechi explained what a chain poem is and we used linoit to write chain poems in pairs

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Gabino’s Storyboard. The Secret Tunnel

Made with Storyboard That

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Saving New York by Gabo & Facu

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The first 4 days I had a lot of fun with Simon and Jaime.We played soccer,with the ipad and with the ps4. The next 3 days it was very boring but then Mate came home and we had a lot … Continue reading

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Gabo’s Special Day

Gabo prepared a Prezi to show us his likes! He loves cars, playing football, hamburgers and pizza!!!! ,

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Today it was Gabino’s Show and Tell. He showed us some pictures of his family (his sister Nina, his dad Roger and his mom Mariela) and one where he was diving into the pool with some of his friends. His … Continue reading

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I’m Gabino

My favourite game is soccer.  

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