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August, 27 th

Today we read and worked with unit 9 in the Oxford discover. We did a listening comprehension and then we saw indefinitive pronouns in the booklet.

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Nelson Mandela

This is my oral presentation Nelson mandela from Maru Diaz

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May 31 st

Today we started the new unit Natural disasters. Then we watched a video about how to be prepared in cause of a natural disasters, we commented on the new vocabulary and we did a true or false exercise.

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My lending library

Kidnap! This story is about a man called Tom. He was an artist and he was working on a comic strip. Tom went to the shop in the bookstore to drink some coffee and to find ideas for his comic. … Continue reading

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A Little Princess

This is my lending library book.

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Mary´s Oral Presentation

We all loved your oral presentation on the Winter Olympic Games! We can´t wait to see what happens in Tokyo! Congrats Mary!

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Winter Holidays

During my winter holidays I traveled to the United States . First,I went to Miami. There I went to the beach, I ate pretzels. Then I went to New York and I visited my cousins.The following day I went to … Continue reading

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Mery’s Special Day

Mery prepared a wonderful presentation on Sierra de la Ventana. We learnt a lot about it! How interesting!

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Mary´s show and tell

Today it is my show and tell. I talked about my family and a trip we did to Iguazu Falls with my mom, dad and Juana, my sister. We went to Garganta del Diablo. We saw coaties, toucans and butterflies. … Continue reading

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