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Los Ángeles by Jaime,Emilia,Nico,Cande

This is a broshure about los Ángeles by Jaime,Candelaria,Emilia and Nicolas.

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Nico’s Oral Presentation

We had Nico’s oral presentation about Mahatma Gandhi and after that, we watched a short video in youtube to learn a bit more about Gandhi’s life and his important achievements for India. Well done, Nico!!  

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Nico, we’ll miss you a lot!!!!!

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Nico’s Special Day

Nico told us about his favorite food. He also said he loves skiing!! It was a great Special Day!

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Nico’s Show & Tell

Today, Nico showed us some pictures of his family and of animals he saw on his trips. In Esteros del Ibera he saw a yacare obero and a deer called “Ciervo de los pantanos” with a small bird on top. … Continue reading

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My name is Nico

My favourite game in the ipad is Survival games.

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